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Working Overtime and Child Support

Overtime and child support A client recently asked me if his overtime pay gets factored into the calculation for child support. The answer is "yes," sometimes it can. The Form 14 is the tool used in Missouri to calculate child support. The Directions for Use in the Form 14 say that overtime can be included in the gross income of a party in "appropriate circumstances." So when is it appropriate? In general, if overtime is a regular occurence, it is going to be factored into gross income. If it is an isolated or infrequent event, then probably not. However, if overtime is available, and a person routinely refuses it for no legitimate reason, the possibility of the overtime pay could be factored into gross income. Talk with your attorney about strategies for dealing with overtime, regardless of whether you are the person receiving or paying support. It could make a big difference in the amount of the child support! Ann Littell Mills Attorney

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