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How much does it Cost to get a divorce through your site?


Agreed divorce with no children and no property:

starting at $500.00 + county filing fee.


Typical cost with some property and no children:

$600.00 + county filing fee


Typical cost with children and property:

$700.00 + county filing fee

* pricing for agreed divorces. Additional fees will apply if divorce not agreed, if a court appearance is required,

if your spouse has to be personally served divorce papers, or if you desire office consultation with attorney.

What is an “agreed” divorce?


The husband and wife agree on the essential points of the divorce: who gets what property, where the children will spend their time, and who pays the debts.

What is a Filing Fee?


The Court system in each county charges a fee for the privilege of accessing the courts for the purpose of getting a divorce. Filing fees range from $90.00 to $200.00, depending on the county.   County Filing Fees

How long does it take to get a divorce?


About 50 days from start to finish. It will usually take us about ten days to prepare your divorce documents. Once they are filed with the Court, there is a 30-day waiting period by state law. After the 30 days are up, we can ask the Court to approve your divorce. Usually, you do not have to appear in Court to finalize your case.

Can we both use the same lawyer?


A lawyer cannot ethically represent both sides in a case. That being said, if the parties agree on all terms, one lawyer can prepare all the paperwork and the other party may then seek his or her own attorney to review the papers or may decide they are satisfied with the documents as drafted. However, it is extremely important for the non-represented party to be aware that the attorney represents one person only and cannot provide “legal advice” to the non-represented party.

Missouri Divorces

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